Essay on Pixar's Way of Fostering Creativity

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Pixar’s way of fostering creativity 4 Creating a motivational environment within Pixar for their employees 4 Developing motivation for creativity through physical surroundings. 4 Motivating individuals and teams at Pixar 5 The significance of group relationships for motivation and productivity 6 What Pixar’s creative practices reveal about their empowerment management. 6 The link between empowerment and creativity 7 How Pixar’s creativity practices empower their employees 8 The contribution of empowerment to the success of Pixar Animation Studios 9 Practical Implications within Supply Chain 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Appendix 15 Executive…show more content…
Furthermore, Pixar provides facilities that employees are able to use as a creative outlet such as the bar and stage at the animator’s areas to play their music, also provides a “campus-like environment” containing a gym, soccer field and also game rooms. These facilities generate fun and freedom and this is reflected in their movies therefore it is also seen as a tool for increasing creativity. Motivating individuals and teams at Pixar The Porter-Lawler motivational model states that level of effort and the quality of performing the task is qualified by their ability to perform the task and also their perception of the task, this model can also be used in conjunction with the Expectancy theory where the motivation for effort is based on individuals desired outcome whether it be a extrinsic or intrinsic. At Pixar, “key employees receive significant financial incentives, this does not seem to be the forces that drives them. Rather, the driving force seems to be the creative freedom they are granted.” As stated, at Pixar the motivation is generated by the intrinsic reward. Pixar employees are self-motivated; Pixar nurtures employee self-motivation by giving them complete ownership of their tasks, which implies that there is mutual trust and respect, also there is no formal communication hierarchy, employees are encouraged to share ideas with seniors or directors. Further to this, Pixar has a large span of control

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