Place And Road

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In this essay, three aspects of place and space will be discussed: the desire for place and space; the corruption of place and space as well as the lack of place and space. Space is the unlimited extend in an expanse, and a place is a specific part of space. In Kerouac’s work On the Road, the writer seeks to express the desire of American youth of his time for freedom through place and space. Moreover, Kerouac presents the lack of place and space through the narrator’s own dissatisfaction to demonstrate different emotions. Furthermore, the writer explores place and space through the dynamic of the relationships between the main characters to portray a sense of hope for the readers. In addition, the three aspects above will be discussed through a film’s interpretation.

Kerouac explores the desire for more place and space through Sal’s desire to travel away from his miserable life, as he states that he “often dreamed of going West to see the country”, in which the verb ‘dreamed’ highlights Sal’s revelation for freedom, which indicates his aspiration for the coming adventures. Moreover, Kerouac
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Kerouac uses his presentation of place and space to show the fact that people are used to living under their masks, and they are scared to see the real oneself. In doing this, he may aim to brings awareness to contemporary readers as well as modern readers. However, while Kerouac indicates the problem that most people are afraid of the real oneself, and they are afraid to go the way they want to go. He also makes the readers see that travelling to places is a great way to reveal one’s true nature in which will make people see themselves; it will make themselves understand where they are and will make themselves understand that they want to go the
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