Planning Methods And Methods Of Planning

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I. Planning Introduction: The Definitions Different people have different views on planning. Therefore it is likely that there are a variety of definitions on planning. However people all agree that planning, simply, is a process of setting goals or objectives, outlining the tasks or duties as well as developing strategies, and schedules to reach the aim or goal. However, different authors have given different definitions on planning from time to time. The foremost definitions of planning are as follows: -“Planning is the thinking process, the organized foresight, the vision based on fact and experience that is required for intelligent action” as said by Alford and Beatt. -“Planning is deciding in advance what is to be done. When a…show more content…
The planning function is very important in any organisation for it is performed by managers at every level and is required for both day-to-day effectiveness and long-term strategic success. On the other hand, the purpose of planning is essentially simple, that is to ensure that the organisation is both effective and efficient in its activities. Steps involved in the Planning Process Planning is a process which holds a number of steps to be taken and is set as guidelines that a manager may follow or the organisation must accomplish in order to achieve the overall planning objective. The six steps of the management planning process: • Step 1: Establish a realistic goal and targets -The first step of the management planning process is to identify a specific goal that is to be achieved. An example of a goal is to raise profits by 30 percent over a 12 months period. • Step 2: List all the things that will need to happen in order to achieve the goal -Undertake brainstorming in order to verify what needs to be done, who will do it and all other details. • Step 3: Sequence the activities in the order in which they should occur - Provide visual representation of the plan, for example using flow charts and network diagrams as the useful tools in this step as well as assigning target date and if applicable, individual responsibility to
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