Planning : Planning And Management

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In Chapter 5, the concept of planning is used to correlate planning and management. Planning, in regards to management, can be setting rules and guidelines to complete a goal. Planning can be broken down into different categories or type such as strategic planning, tactical planning, and organizational planning.
Some critical components to have when discussing strategic planning is the vision, mission, and values. Initially, a manager starts with strategic planning that gives them a long term goal that will help plan out their next five years. "Top manager such as Chief Executive Officer, general manager, president, vice president, and division heads all set the primary direction of the company."( Kinicki and Williams, page 143) In Figure 5.3, it mentions " managers need to pay attention to the environment outside the organization, deal with uncertain and highly competitive conditions, and aware of future orientation."( Kinicki and Williams, page 143). Strategic planning is important because it helps determine what to expect or what timeline they imagine for the company progression. When strategic planning, the goals should have broad ideas, ways to achieve the goals, time frame, and what growth they plan on accomplishing. Society is ever changing in technology and making a five-year goal is meaningful, but, if possible, speeding up the program would help launch the goal at a quicker pace. Strategic objectives are useful for management to help "focus on goals for the

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