Planning an Al-Qaeda Operation

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By the Almighty's grace I am able to draft this plan, in my view it is concrete and its execution is possible with the help of our mujahidin brothers. May the Almighty Allah guide us and help us in our cause.
The world thinks that Al-Qaeda has been subdued since the martyrdom of our brother Osama and other brothers. They say that claims from brothers on leadership of Al-Qaeda have divided us from very core (Blair, 2012). By the grace of Allah this is only their illusion and our collective loyalty remains with Ayman al-Zawahiri (May Allah keeps him safe). The tyranny of American crusaders along with Jews needs a response; they will be punished severely for their acts and support against Muslims suffering in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Our brother should not target Muslims in Muslim countries or those Muslims lacking faith and are deluded with western ideology; there return back to faith should be left to God and the method of Da'wah (invitation to Islamic ways and…

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