Plastic Surgery Speech

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With acts such as a smile or a compliment one's day can easily be made. Such small things can dramatically change a person's life for the better. That is what any medical professional aspires to do. From something as little as a bandage to a full out heart transplant it's fascinating how one can come to a person's life for just a day and make them perceive the world in a whole new way. In the field of facial plastic surgery one does not only help those who want to enhance their appearance but also those who unfortunately undergo a trauma. First off one must know if plastic surgery is right for them. The surgeon most discuss with the patient thoroughly his/her desires and expectations to know if they have the right mindset to submit to …show more content…

Other conditions that are the result of accidents, trauma, burns, or previous surgery are also corrected with this type of surgery . . . Cosmetic facial plastic surgery is surgery performed to enhance visual appearance of the facial structures and features. Common procedures include facelifts, eye lifts, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, liposuction, and procedures to correct facial wrinkles . . . ( “Facial Plastic Surgery”) Rhinoplasty, also called a “nose job”, is the surgery of the nose which improves the appearance and the dimensions of the nose with the whole face. It is an operation that is quite the challenge to execute properly in the field of plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is fairly demanding. Similar to any other surgical procedure rhinoplasty involves having an excellent eye for aesthetic.There are plenty of reasons for someone to seek rhinoplasty those are as follows: the nasal hump is visible, the projection; referring to how far away the nose is from the face, the nose length or width, a nose tip that is bulbous, and/or a revision of the nose because of unsatisfying results from

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