Plastics Have Hazardous Influence on Human Health

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Plastics have hazardous influences on human health. It takes huge amounts of chemicals and fossil energizes to produce plastics. The type of plastics that we frequently use, contains a chemical called Bisphenol-A “known as BPA” and other types of chemicals (Ellsbury, 2012). BPA can interferes with human body and modifies hormones, which has been proven to be dangerous to human health. In addition, various types of serious health problems have been strongly related to BPA (Lights, 2012). For instance, certain types of cancer, impaired immune function, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity (Adverse Health Effects of Plastics, n.d.). Research has shown that BPA enters human body through exposure to plastics, such as plastic bottles. Moreover, risks of these bottles increase even more if they expose to high temperatures, because the plastic will secrete its harmful chemicals into drinks (Lights, 2012). Plastics harm animals and consequence the death of them. Thousands of wild animals and sea animals are dying because of the plastic pollutant. In addition, once the animals swallow the plastic, it will not pass by the animals’ gut so it stucks, and that leads to a slow and excruciating death. Moreover, as plastics need more than lifetime to decompose, after the animal dies and decays, the plastic will be freed back again to the environment to keep killing other animals (Ark, n.d.). In the marine environment, plastic bags are the most frequently mistaken

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