Plato 's Views On Politics Essay

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Through much of Plato’s texts, there are many instances of common interpretations of terms and disciplines described in fairly uncommon ways. Such a trend is no different in both Plato 's Gorgias and Apology discussing the importance and meaning of politics and the use of rhetoric. In the Gorgias, Socrates participates in a continued dialogue against the role of rhetoric’s deceiving nature as being the best way to live one 's life. For he states to receive pleasure through injustice by means of rhetoric is the most wretched life that one live. Therefore, the rhetorician is the worst type of politician for they only want to convince through rhetoric to obtain pleasure rather than do what is best for the people. However, throughout the Apology Plato describes Socrates as taking a different take on the role of politics altogether. Unlike his convincing comments on politics in the Gorgias, Socrates claims he does not know much about politics and would rather of not survived if partaken in such an occupation. Yet, this such claim fully supports much of his dismantlement of the role of rhetorician. As the politician for Socrates is one that deceives through rhetoric and since Socrates does not employ the tools of rhetoric he would not survive in the world of politics. Unfortunately, Socrates’s choice to stay away form the field of politics doesn 't save him death after all as see with his sentencing to death in the Apology. While this may seem like a devastating outcome,

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