Essay about Plato's Cave: How Do We Make Decisions?

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While you are walking in a park and you come into a fork in the path, how do you know which one to take? How do make the decision of which one to take? Do you make the decision based on the mistakes you made or that you just want to see where it goes? Many of us wants to make the decision so quick that no time is wasted, but others want to look back and see what they have learned and make a decision based on related events. George Shaw once said that “ a life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” In that quote he meant that it is better to make a mistake other than trying to be perfect all of the time. Through all of the valleys in life you are going to make mistakes but that is …show more content…

We already know that it does not matter which one we chose that both sides has it advantages and disadvantages. Its hard to pick when you know that both sides has an unexpected turn and you may never realize what that will be. When accessing the situation people may never look at the problem but look at what the finish product is going to look like. Growing up is like the situation that people look at a piece of material and makes a finished product out of it. The way they start it and finished it is totally different. It begins by planning, and then makes it. During the building of the product a problem can happen that can throw off the plan or make the product something different. Some may never overcome the situation that keeps them back, but the ones that will be able to seek the rewards of overcoming the problem that they have. I had a situation that had come up in my life that my family and I took a stance at and it has paid off from doing what we thought was the right way of facing the problem. When you access the problem there could be a lot of different scenarios of fixing it, but like putting together a cabinet it has a specific plan of putting it together. It is hard to see others fail while they are doing what they think is best but is that why it is painful. When a plan does not go as plan and the product is not what you want to have is that painful. To many that are consider being painful in the sight of

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