Plato's Theory : The Neutral Theory Of Molecular Evolution

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Aristotle/Plato- Aristotle was Plato’s student, they instructed that all organisms exist in a continuous sequence called “The Great Chain of Being,” or “Scala Naturae” This chain’s order consists of God, Angels, demons, man, animals, plants, and minerals. They also proposed that species are unchanging.
Nicholas Steno- Steno is known as the father of Paleontology, which consists of the studies of animal and plant fossils. Steno proposed that the layers of the Earth accumulated over long periods of time. He also proposed that layers were like snapshots of the Earth.
Motoo Kimura- In 1968, Kimura introduced “The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution”. He believed that most evolutionary changes were caused by genetic drift and not natural selection.
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck- Lamarck proposed the hypothesis of “inheritance of acquired traits.” Which proposes that body/behavior changes that were acquired throughout an organisms’ lifetime, can be passed on to its offspring. One of the most well-known examples, is that giraffe’s had short necks, and elongated over time.
George Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon- He focused on the encyclopedia “Histoire Naturelle” where wanted to organize every detail about the natural world. He only managed to publish 36 volumes before he deceased. In the volumes, he included drawings of the various scientific ideas such as botany and anatomy.
Georges Cuvier- Since he had a fossil record, he denied any theory which had to do with evolution. He is better

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