Playing Football And Transfer Back Home

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Ever since I have been old enough to make my own decisions, I have always taken a while to come to conclusions. When it comes to this one it was one of the biggest decisions that I have made. Sports have always been a big part of my life, so when I had a chance to play football in college I took it. When the year was almost finished, I made the decision to stop playing football and transfer back home. There were many factors that lead me to the choice of leaving instead of standing. The football season ended, but it was not the way I saw it. With break from working out and going to practice, I gained a lot free time. Emory and Henry College had a very small campus, and there wasn’t a lot to do on campus or near campus. This gave me a lot of time to think. The school schedule allowed few breaks, so driving 5 hours back home on any given weekend was out of the question. Being homesick, while I never thought I would go through it, was a thing that bothered me the most. I only went home on the few longer breaks: Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and Spring break. When I was on Thanksgiving break which is one of the longest breaks, and where I can get more opinions on my choses. Rather I should stay at Emory and Henry, or if I should transfer back home. Having the conversation with my sister, even though she is younger, was one of the defining moments in the making of my decision. She told me, “You should do whatever is best for you. You know what will fit your life.”

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