Plead Guilty: Article Analysis

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Cleveland, Ohio, Harold Franks, a businessman, was robbed and killed as he left his store…His attackers threw battery acid in his face, beat him with a stick, and ended his life with two gunshots to the chest. Police claimed they had an eyewitness. A twelve-year-old boy named Eddie Vernon. He pointed the finger at three neighborhood black-men. Eighteen-year-old, Ricky Jackson and his two friends, brothers Wiley and Ronnie Bridgeman. Even though Eddie was actually a few blocks away on a school bus at the time of the murder, the three men still were arrested. Based on Eddie’s false testimony, the men were convicted, and sentenced to die. However, because the Ohio state law was changed within a few days, it was changed to life imprisonment. After they…show more content…
First of all, it relates to Economics subject because Economics is about people and the choices they make and their advantages and consequences. These three black men had to make a choice, which is to plead guilty or not. they choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage if they chose to plead guilty, they would not be sentenced to life imprisonment. The disadvantage is they would be claiming they committed they crime which is a lie. On contrary, the consequence of when they do not choose to plead guilty is that they would be punished by life imprisonment if they could not win the case. They all chose not to plead guilty as they were innocent for real that made them spent four decades in prisons.

Another thing is Because they spent 4 decades in prisons, we all could not use their potential efficiently, and it might be also too late even to use it. They could have contributed their own parts to our economy if they were not arrested. Moreover, while they were in prison, they were consuming some budgets which could have been saved if they were not arrested. This relates to a concept of using our available resources efficiently.
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