Please Also List Any Significant Or Meaningful Military

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Please also list any significant or meaningful military history from your family not already included in your application.

My paternal grandfather was in the United States Army and deployed overseas during WWII. After several months into his deployment, he was shot in the neck and evacuated out of France and given an honorable discharge. My maternal grandfather was in the Italian Army and was captured by American soldiers during WWII. He became a prisoner of war and agreed to help the American troops by providing intelligence to assist in the American invasions. My maternal grandfather 's commitment to the American troops allowed him to immigrate to the United States where he became a contributing member of society and a dedicated family …show more content…

While in high school, I was a top female athlete in my class. I played soccer and softball year-round and served as captain my senior year while concurrently volunteering for my local police department. I spent my summers working with the department, perpetuating my desire to live a life of public service. At the end of my senior year, I was recruited to play softball in college. As I weighed out my options, I knew my passion for service and leading would not be fulfilled by going to college. I decided the best way to continue to serve in a larger, more impactful way was to enlist in the military. Six months later, I was officially part of the Air Force as a police woman.
Throughout my life, my parents instilled the importance of being educated and although I enlisted in the military, that did not stop me from pursuing my educational goals. Within six months of being assigned to my new base, I enrolled in college and started taking classes. By the second semester, I established a partnership with a local college so other airmen within my unit could take classes together and be collectively supportive of their educational endeavors. This was the first ever unit supported college class for our element.
Although my military service was brief, it was impactful and changed the trajectory of my life for the better. It enlightened me to a multitude of issues affecting people across the globe and in our nation. I witnessed the caliber of

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