PlummersDiagnosing And Treating The Ophelia Syndrome Analysis

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Plummers’ “Diagnosing and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome.” Was an interesting dissection of a learning setback of what he coined as the “Ophelia Syndrome.” It was a great article that promoted individual thought and how it helps progress the learning process. Several of the points stood out to me, and they all drew connections in my life as well. I loved how he started everything talking about a Shakespearean character Ophelia and her father Polonius. Ophelia herself didn’t have a firm opinion about anything and listened to what everyone said. Polonius, just believed his point was right, even though it could be very wrong, and was very dominant in his supposed knowledge. One great point in the article, included an excerpt from another article, “what does It Mean to Be Creative?”. In the article the writer says how people don’t know how to answer questions like how are? How do you feel? Even questions like, how was the movie or play? people will just say it’s okay, or fine. They don’t go into expressing their feelings or what they personally enjoyed about it. Or worse they just say some pre-thought judgement from others, or their pear groups. It’s part of us, I see it in myself at times, even as a kid, I had friends that liked football, they would talk about it always, and one day that asked my opinion. The answer I gave was just an answer another kid contributed earlier. It didn’t have any depth to it, it was just a comment. I felt safe and excepted, but I didn’t feel

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