Pluralic Story Of Kitty Genovese

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The tragic story of Kitty Genovese is one of a gruesome murder. It is set in Key Gardens on the night of March 13th 1964. At the time, the area was believed to be safe and secure but the events that took place that night would forever change everyone perspective of this community, and the type of people who lived there. Many news articles reported that thirty-eight members of the community listened and watched as Winston Moseley mutilated Ms. Genovese and this left numerous people, from members of law enforcement to phycologists to ordinary people alike, wondering how these people could sit idly by and let this catastrophe occur. Georg Simmel’s perspective of society most definitely falls into this story, as he theorized that society is a complex …show more content…

Pluralist ignorance helps to explain the bystander effect. Pluralist ignorance explains that in a group, if they majority of the group reject a norm but will assume that everyone else has accepted it, which leads them to inevitably accept it themselves. In turn, this helps to explain that if no one reacts when they witness an emergency, others witnesses may believe that reacting would be wrong and therefore no one does anything. the Bystander effect could most definitely be used to explain the domino effect that seems to have occurred on the night of the murder, as each neighbor noticed that no one intervened, leading them do the same, but it is really difficult to believe that this misfortune can be explained this simply. The bystander effect can be linked the Georg Simmel’s theory of individuals acting differently in groups, as we conform to what we think people in the group would like us to do. If the bystander effect was indeed what occurred on the night of the murder, it is regretful that not one person could have broken away from the pack and tried to help Kitty …show more content…

Big cities also have so many distractions that can over stimulate our minds, making us nearly numb to the individuals around us and making us think more logically. The development of technology has the same effect on us. Therefore, it is theorized that ‘the metropolis mental life is essentially intellectual, not emotional’ (Cultural Reader, ‘Georg Simmel- The Metropolis and Mental life- Summary’, 2004). Based on this, when it comes to Kitty Genovese’s murder, it could be conceived that intelligence trumped emotion that night and the witnesses decided to choose the smarter, safer choice of not intervening, rather than the emotional and emphatic response of getting

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