Poem Analysis: God's Search For Meaning

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When she first loses her things she is more upset at losing her belonging than she is with anything else. Until she realizes that god gave her all these things and must have planed to take them away also. So she in the end believed it was God's plan to give and take her belongings. But at the same time she was still pretty upset and distraught on losing her things. Her beliefs helped her cope with the belonging being burned. Her beliefs helped because she decided the only way to make it past was to believe this is God's plan. On line 14 she says “I blest his name that gave and took” she means she blest Gods name when he gave her and blessed her with those things and took them. Also on line 17 she says “It was his, it was not mine” she means it was God's not her belongings.…show more content…
The only flaw with keeping them would be she's not following God's plan. So by staying on God's pathway for her she was bound to lose her things one way or another. She also believes that they were not her belongings she thinks they were Gods. Most people would not be as strong as she was being in this story most people would have given up after this had happened to them. By coping with it the way she did she showed initiative and toughness she was able to overcome a very hard thing to overcome especially since they did not even have insurance back then. By believing in God she overcame it though. These paragraphs were to show how she overcame this obstacle in her life and believed in
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