Poem Essay On Venom

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You open your eyes. You're not really sure what just happened. The last thing you remember is stepping in some weird puddle of goo accidentally, and then that goo started engulfing your leg with the rest of your body quickly following suit. Looking down, you see that you're still covered in the strange slime.
That's when you feel another presence in your mind.
It starts communicating with you, explaining that it's an alien organism that was somehow stranded on earth. lt is a symbiote, and requires a host to bond with to survive. You were just the first person it came across. You get something out at this deal as well though. lt grants you a variety of powers and abilities, such as super strength, web slinging, wall crawling, and shapeshifting.
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What you choose to do with these abilities is completely up to you.
Every symbiote is different from each other, and they have different personalities. just like people.

You're not actually Venom's first host. It may already had a very complicated relationship with the first person it attempted to bond with, and they eventually rejected and abandoned it. It had some other hosts after that, but nothing that really stuck for one reason or another. It just wants someone to be with and to actually want it. A true symbiotic relationship. That being said. it will never forget its first, and if it ever sees its first host, it will freak out, and you'll freak out along with it.

2. Carnage
The Carnage symbiote is the most unstable of all the symbiotes. It actually seems to enjoy when you engage in any sort of physical violence. That being said, it forms an incredibly strong relationship with its host, binding on an almost molecular level, meaning you can never truly be separated. It will be more than willing to kill to protect you, and bathe in the blood of your enemies. Because of your strong bond though, it amplifies your emotions much less than most other symbiotes, but it will encourage
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