Poetry In Kaidin Witzberger's 'She Lets Me Breathe'

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Poems are beautiful and elegant. They can express many different situations and emotions. In 2014, I began to understand poetry, and I grew to love it. I have written many poems since then and I hope to publish them someday. I not only love writing poetry but also, I enjoy reading poetry. The poem, “She Lets Me Breathe” by Kaidin Witzberger is about fighting through the struggles of daily life. This poem speaks to me on a personal level because I relate to it so much. “She Lets Me Breathe” is a beautiful poem about love, depression and strength. It contains examples of symbolism. This poem also has a deeper meaning which can be described by breaking down the poem piece by piece. When this poem is broken down piece by piece it shows the depth behind the words. The poem starts out by saying, “She lets me breathe, when the end is near.” To me this means that the author is depressed and is dying or wanting to die, but there is someone that the author loves that makes her want to stay alive. The next line says, “My heart is dear” which means that the person that helped the author want to live is someone the author loves. “I hear her screams in silence” means that the person the author loves is also struggling. “Do you hear her near?” In this simple question the author is trying to ask something deeper, she is asking if anyone else notices the pain of the person she loves. “She lets me breathe in the dead of silence” means even in the silence, when her mind is racing with

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