Spam Poem: An Analysis Of Deathly By Aimee Mannn

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Deathly - Aimee Mann
At some point in life, an individual cannot help but feel a certain emotion, even if they do not wish to. Deathly by Aimee Mann, from the album Magnolia(1999) is about one such individual and her resistance against these feelings of love and affection towards a person she clearly does not intend to fall in love with. Multiple interpretations can arise regarding why she does not want to fall in love, but I believe that the primary reason is that she is afraid of being in love.
The poem opens with the lines, “Now that I've met you would you object to never seeing each other again.” From the very first line, the reader knows about the intent of the poet. She has been in …show more content…

'Troubles enough' can have primarily two interpretations – physical or mental health issues. These mental health issues could have emanated from having her heart broken in the past which made her reluctant to fall again or due to traumatic events outside the realm of romance. She can feel the vulnerability looming around her heart and her horror at the thought of falling in love is evident when she describes his one act of kindness as 'deathly.' The reader can feel how close she is to being swept away by this man who has been extremely understanding and kind to …show more content…

The reader begins to wonder if it is actually just the man she is afraid to be in love with rather than the idea of love itself. According to her, the man sees her simply as a problem that he can solve with his wits and charm, suggesting that he would not be interested in her once she has dissolved in the heat of his charm. Perhaps she is aware that this man might not be a good choice for her, yet she cannot control her feelings for him. However, in the following lines, she expresses her own incapacity to survive and be happy, bringing the reader back to the theme she started the poem with. Despite being blown away by his acts of kindness time after time, she finds herself beyond recovery and asks the man to reconsider his intentions since she is a problem he might never be able to solve. Therefore, the second stanza shows the grave nature of the poet's

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