Pol Pot

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Evaluate the impact of the Khmer Rouge on Cambodian society from 1975-1979 Cambodia became one huge labor camp under the Khmer Rouge. After deposing Lon Nol on 1975, the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot began one of the most brutal regimes in human history. This not only changed the Cambodian society but also ultimately destroyed it. This was due to the extreme vision of communism, which Pol Pot wanted to implement for a perfect and a peaceful society. Prince Norodom Sihanouk always tried to maintain Cambodia’s neutrality. But with Laos and Vietnam as its borders, he knew this was impossible. After the assassination of Diem in South Vietnam, Sihanouk condemned America’s policies; in turn he allowed Viet Cong bases in Cambodia. America in…show more content…
Khmer Rouge wished to change Cambodian society completely by taking it back to a pre-industrial, rural economy. Agriculture was of supreme importance; therefore, everyone had to work together on collective farms. Hence there was a massive evacuation of the cities and the relocation of many villages, was to turn Cambodia into one huge labor camp which affected the country and its people severely. Families were separated and kept moving people from one zone to another in order to achieve three goals: to destroy a person’s individuality; to eliminate the human will to resist; and to promote fear, confusion and anxiety via indiscriminate violence. Villages were controlled by Khmer Rouge soldiers, “the most frightening were the 12 and 13 year old Khmer Rouge soldiers, because they did not have any humanity, they didn’t believe in God, in Buddha, only what the Angkar Loeu told them to believe”(Fox). By brainwashing children, the Khmer Rouge’s were able to control the population. A drastic change occurred on the constitution of Cambodia changed on 5th January 1976. The Khmer Rouge announced the birth of ‘Democratic Kampuchea’ and published the nation’s new constitution. The use of the word ‘Cambodia’ was now forbidden. For example “Article 1: The State” states that “The State of Kampuchea is an independent, unified, peaceful, neutral, non-aligned, sovereign and democratic State enjoying territorial integrity. The State of
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