Police Agencies And Police Enforcement Agencies

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It’s important to address the issues police agency’s faces on a regular. Police agencies have a number of problems with controlling racial profiling, maintaining acceptable recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, and reducing community violence. These factors are extremely indurate. However, the issues can be resolved. Law enforcement officers often force to face negative stereotyping. Nevertheless, police agency 's are able to overcome such an obstacle. There exists a growing sentiment in many communities about the badness of all cops J. Tyler, D. (n.d.). Police agencies are forced to deal with the struggle of defeating trust issues with the community. Police have experienced problems with recruiting and selecting applicants. Since September 11, 2001, the problem has become more acute, as a military reserve call-ups and an expanding police role strain agency resources across the country A. Tangel, W. (2004) . Reducing crime has always been very hard for police to tackle, it’s very hard to measure the performance of law enforcement agencies. Throughout the next three decades, “traditional” measures of police agency performance became entrenched within the policing profession with little debate and little fanfare R. Maguire, E. (2010). However, again there are numbers of solutions for these issues. One good, useful solution would to be get more money for the law enforcement that would be embarkation. Law enforcers will be able to assist with training and

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