Police Brutality : An African American Man

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Police Brutality
By Kofi Owusu-Mensah
Cycle Day 2 Period 3

This is why I do not think these Police Brutality cases involve racism. In the past year, there have been 4 notable cases where an african american man or woman was treated with excessive force by police. Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and Walter Scott. Sandra Bland was a woman who failed to signal a lane change and ended up dead in a jail cell. Eric Garner was a man who refused to follow directions from police, was suffocated, and had a heart attack in an ambulance to a hospital where he died. Walter Scott was a man who fled from a policemen during a pull-over. All of these cases do involve police brutality but do not necessarily involve racism and could have been involved had the victims followed directions. Sandra Bland was a 28 year old woman from Naperville, Illinois. She was a civil rights activist and a Black Lives Matter campaigner. The police officer in the incident’s name is Brian Encima. He was 30 and became a state trooper in 2014. On July 20, 2015, Bland was stopped after failing to signal a lane change. Encima asked Bland to stop smoking her cigarette. Bland questioned the reason for her to stop in her own car. Encima asked her to get out of the car and Bland reached for her phone to try and record the situation. Encima pointed a taser at Bland and she got out of the car. According to authorities, Bland because “argumentative and uncooperative", and she was taken to custody. Days

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