Police Brutality And Corruption, War, And Peace

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This research question will clearly address the variations of police practices over the past 5 years in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, due to the recent incidents regarding police brutality and corruption. Using Chapter 12 Politics, Power, War, and Peace, will help show the relationships between politics in law enforcement and police officers, which deals with a lot of power and peace. Chapter 12 Politics, Power, War, and Peace, Section Cultural Controls in Maintaining Order states “Every culture has various forms of cultural control to ensure that individuals or groups conduct themselves in ways that support the social order. People who challenge or disturb the order face negative consequences” (W. Haviland; pg 315). In Baltimore…show more content…
Although there may be historical and factual evidence that substantiate current conditions and the state of our inner city urban communities and current state of relations with the police department, no longer shall we look to others to blame for the dysfunctions, high crime rate, high teen pregnancy rate, high dropout rate and low levels of academic achievement among community residents, we must look within ourselves for the solutions.
Connecting with positive role models in the community can alter the flow of influence from that of negative affiliations such as gangs and other bad influences to those associated with success, positivity and achievement. One such role model is Baltimore legendary, Travis Winkey. Travis Winkey has traveled the globe and has done business in 35 countries and has amassed great respect from political leaders, business leaders, world-renowned entertainers, and Baltimore residents respectively. Relying on the positive influences of local legends like Travis Winkey and others who have brought pride to the city of Baltimore, will garner instant credibility and inroads into the hearts and minds of the community than that of brute force and intolerant policing.
Taking a proactive approach with viable solutions Travis Winkey has created the Travis Winkey M.O.D.E.L. Empowerment Zone as a cornerstone for social change, development and transformation as his organization intend to instruct, prepare and empower our Students, U.S.
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