Police Brutality And The Law Enforcement

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News headlines demonstrating the brutality of law enforcement has been becoming more frequent over the past couple of years. When you hear about these cases of police brutality, how often is it that law enforcement officials are punished for the crime they have perpetrated? Most of the time the law enforcement officials, who are very well in the wrong do not get any kind of punishment whatsoever for the crimes that they have committed and it all comes back to the power that they have. Police brutality cases have been on the rise in the last couple of years where it is not even surprising when we hear about it which is really disheartening. The law enforcement brutality census is mind-boggling. At the end of 2015, the Washington Post released an article which stated the statistics of police brutality. According to the Washington Post, 965 people were fatally shot by police officers in 2015, 564 of these fatalities were armed with a firearm, 281 were armed with another kind of weapon, and 90 of them were unarmed (Kindy, Fisher, Tate and Jenkins, 2015). Firstly, what is police brutality? To put it simply, police brutality is known as police misconduct. Police misconduct takes place when a member of law enforcement carries out their tasks in an illegal way. A few kinds of police misconduct are as follows: excessive force and false imprisonment. Excessive force is more than likely the most eminent style of law enforcement misconduct. This kind of force takes place when a law

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