The Problem Of Police Brutality

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Police brutality remains one of the most controversial, as well as the most serious human rights’ violations in the United States. In the past year or we have heard, read, or witnessed unjustified shootings, severe beatings, fatal chokings, and rough treatment which have all contributed to the ever-present problem of police brutality in America. Police are the ones that set an image towards the society so that people can actually follow them and think they are doing the right thing, however it is a really disturbing matter knowing that police does racial profiling especially compared to whites and blacks. And therefore, this research paper is about police will most likely be more crucial to blacks compare to whites and this is known as racial profiling. Therefore, this brings fourth the question, are our officers of law really doing their job?
Police brutality has been and continues to be a major concern in society. Most of these incidents go un-reported or un-noticed. Through research, we seek to identify the causes of police brutality, and what we can possibly do to end it, or in the hopes that it brings awareness. While doing research on police brutality, I have observed countless online journal articles. These articles are written by professional analysts that specialize in investigating specific incidents involving police misconduct. The term police brutality is commonly used very loosely to fit all forms of police misconduct. The excessive force element of police
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