Police Brutality In 'Meet Me Halfway Milwaukee Stories'

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I wrote my essay about police brutality and feminism because I felt the need to address these two topics that are a part of today’s conflicts. I am responding to those who cannot speak about both issues. By writing this research paper, I hope people are informed about these two conflicts and make a change within the society and improve it in better ways. As a person who lived in a segregated and diverse city all her life, I experience and see many things that involves racism, sexism, and police brutality. My exigence is to notify individuals how problems in the past are still continuing in the present, to advise others how police brutality abuses their power and falsely accuse victims, mainly the black community, of actions that they didn’t do, and to apprise people that sexism is perceive in ways that allow men to downgrade women. …show more content…

The article , “Police Violence and Citizen Crime Reporting in the Black Community” provided useful evidence that helped me support my essay and explain more into depth and connect to the book, “Meet Me Halfway; Milwaukee Stories” by Jennifer Morales. Nancy C.M. Hartsock’s book helped me gain new knowledge about feminism and apply it to the connection of both book and the police brutality article. I am writing this essay towards the people who needs to be inform about these issues even if they have never experience these problems, people should be more cautious of what today’s society is facing because it could affect the future in ways that will worsen the problem . With this essay, larger purpose is to explain how racism still affects the black community as a whole and how feminism is being discriminated. With the researched that I’ve done, many black men are disproportionately being racially profiled and targeted by white police officers because of their skin color and sexism and feminism is highly portrayed negatively that makes women look

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