Police Brutality : Not All Cops Are Bad

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In every group of people there is always likely to be a select few that represent the group as a whole in a negative way. Before I begin this essay I think it 's important to acknowledge that not all cops are bad. When police brutality is discussed it seems like one side chooses to address all law enforcement with negative blanket statements and broad indictments that aren 't fair to those who do their job fairly and responsibly, while the other side almost doesn 't seem to acknowledge or address the fact that there is a problem at all. No, not all police officers are bad, but yes, police brutality is real and just because someone is anti police brutality doesn 't make them anti police. If anything is going to change both sides need to …show more content…

Acknowledgment is defined as admitting or accepting the existence or the truth of something or simply recognizing the fact or importance or quality of something. Growing up in the 20th century where many of the major racial divisive systems have long been demolished I don 't find it astonishing when I come across someone who isn 't aware of or simply doesn 't believe inequality still exist. Typically this “someone” is white and that’s not a generalization because any person of color simply isn 't granted the luxury of being ignorant to certain inequalities because they 're the ones subject to it. Acknowledgement for me looks like the acceptance of this idea that racism does still truly exist. Another interesting idea that 's fairly new and i 've only now come to understand the argument against is color blindness. White communities typically use this idea to argue the fact that they’re not racist because they don’t see color, they are color blind. Again, I can understand the possible good that is meant to come from comments like this, but you are again, not acknowledging that there’s a real issue. By claiming that you “don 't see color” you invalidate the struggle that a person of color goes through while also choosing not to recognize your white privilege. When you don 't see race you’re essentially saying that you don 't see racism.

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