Police Brutality Racism

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All throughout American history we have seen undeniable blatant racism. Racism was very widespread and accepted as a society. In the south Jim Crow Laws were set in place to keep everything “separate but equal”, though that wasn’t the case and African Americans were still discriminated and always given the shorter end of the stick. During the Civil Rights Era, many African- Americans came together in peaceful protests in the hopes of earning equal rights like white Americans had. Unfortunately things sometimes got out of hand, some people wanted to take more drastic measures, causing unwanted violence. These protests resulted in many African Americans being arrested and sent to jail. Often police brutality was a factor, many were beaten, punched, and kicked. There were a lot that were violent and biased in the past resulting in the deaths of many African-Americans and repeated documented injustice. Not all were like this many saw the prejudice and were doing their best to use their power for good. Despite of the past, huge advances have been made culturally over the last few decades. As a society we’ve come to accept very progressive views that don’t tolerate any of that anymore; racism is very looked down upon and not a “norm” anymore. There’s only so much time a country can be stuck in the ways of the past. Police bias and brutality was very existent and prevalent throughout history against minorities, but it is not an issue anymore today. The common narrative in the
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