Police Complaints Essay

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Police Complaints
November 21, 2011

Conducting ourselves as mature individuals could determine whether or not we’re taken seriously within society. Since the beginning of time, black, white, Hispanic, etc., have filed complaints against police officers, regardless of their maturity level or regardless of their own fault level. Is society too disrespectful to law enforcement? If civilians could walk in police officer shoes for one day would the complaint level decrease? This paper will focus on the perception of the police by measuring public complaints and identifying two key aspects that affect the relationships between law enforcement and civilians.

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“Internal forms include the presence of an effective internal affairs division; proper recruitment; selection peer or coworker pressure”. External forms include; civilian review boards and citizens reporting deviant police behavior”. (Burns, 2009, pg. 69) Identifying deviant police officers early can definitely have an affect on civilian complaints. In 2005 in Los Angeles, CA, a 13 year-old, 8th grader was killed by a police officer after failing to stop a vehicle and leading officers on a chase. The officer had not idea that the assailant was a 13 year-old boy. The police chief had a very challenging job at the time, of reforming the police department. The police chief found that the officers’ actions were justified because his life was threatened. However the commission, headed by a civil rights activist, “voted 4 to 1 to set aside” the police chiefs’ finding and ruled that the officer “violated department policy when he fired into the car as the boy backed toward him”. (Murr, 2005) Many disagreed with this decision; some thought that because the officer risks his life to protect the public, the decision was unjust. This may be the key reason why complaints are not reported or are not taken seriously. If law enforcement are not being held accountable, how can civilians trust them? Now in the aforementioned case, the ruling was overruled; however the public opinion by law officials in regards to the ruling weighs heavily on

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