Police Enforcement And Community Policing

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Since the surface of Community policing in the 1970’s and making the mark of influence on the strategies of policing throughout the United States, community policing has slowly become the direction of police interaction (Sozer and Merlo, 2013). Originally, having a breakthrough of helping reduce crime in the larger cities of America, smaller cities took the initiative and began the tactic of using community policing in the same efforts to reduce crime in local communities (Sozer and Merlo, 2013). With help from Federal funding agencies throughout the states such as, The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), the peak of utilization of community policing was on the right path for effectiveness in the areas (Sozer and Merlo, 20132013). The size of the communities became factors that were not up for discretion, it became rudiments for change in American communities. State Chief Police officers (CPO) and Lieutenants are the first line commanders when dealing with community policing. They are the main leaders and the key to the process of change (Sozer and Merlo, 2013).
Community policing is strongly enforced based off consent of the neighborhoods involving the needs, strategies, and outcomes of the communities involved (Brogden, 2013, pg. 2). COP has become the primary need for reform in communities with rising crime rates, helping bring security, but not eliminating the increase in crime (Brogden, 2013, pg. 2). Although, community policing holds

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