Police Injustice In Canada

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I have heard a bit about the topic of justice and the First Nations peoples before. When I was in high school a took a course on current issues of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. In this course we discussed some of the injustices that the First Nations have endured both in the past and in the future. One of these injustices were the way in which the First Nations people were often the victims of police brutality.
3. Some questions about this topic are what are First Nations peoples usually charged with? How long of a sentencing do they usually receive? How long of a sentencing does a white person usually receive when accused of the same crime? Is anything being done to help fix the justice system in Canada?
4. The main point of this article is that First Nations peoples along are often mistreated by the justice system in Canada.
5. The first point the author makes to support their main idea is that some police officers have used their position to mistreat First Nations women
Quote: CBC News reported (February 2013)
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Many were Aboriginal. Police showed little interest in investigating. The only conclusion the families of victims could come to was that cops considered the women marginal and not worth the time and effort needed to look into their cases.

6. Some opposing ideas that the author makes against the main point of this article is that the reason why so many First Nations peoples end up in prison not simply because of the way in which the police interact with the First Nations people, it is also due to the fact that many First Nations peoples live in poverty. People who live in poverty stricken communities often have a few brushes with the law.
7. The definition of racial profiling is the use of ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed a crime. Billy was disappointed to learn that his friend was accused of shop lifting based on racial
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