Police Misconduct And Brutality Of Police Officers

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Since the beginning of the structured police forces across the United States corruption, misconduct, and claims of brutality by police officers has been a problem. Police officers who were sworn to protect and serve the people of their communities have been instilled with authority over people. Throughout history anyone having some type of power or absolute authority over another has created controversy. This paper will look into the statements and details of concerns dealing with police corruption, misconduct, and brutality of police officers in the United States.

Corruption, Misconduct, and Brutality by Police Officers

Corruption by uniformed police officers is a form of misconduct. This is done by an officer who is attempting to obtain something for his personal gain like money or a possible advancement in career. Misconduct of this type is done with the officer using his authority or power abusively. The term police corruption is typically stated when speaking or referring to the department administration doing something to gain a political edge or possibly a kind of gain financially. The everyday uniformed officer could be listed as corrupt by accepting money to not perform his duties properly. All officers who are stated to be corrupt have committed an action that is considered to be illegal. In 1971 the Knapp Commission investigated the serious crimes committed by New York City Police Officers they labeled the meat eaters. There was also the widespread problem of

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