Police Officers And Domestic Violence

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Police Officers respond to calls of domestic violence all the time. They break up the fights, they talk to both parties, they either make an arrest or they give a warning. They are out on the streets, protecting everyone from violent criminals, gangs, and are always there to help us. Who helps the families and the victims of domestic violence when a Police Officer is the perpetrator? During a study in the early 90’s, out of 728 officers who were surveyed, 40% of them had lost control and acted in a violent way towards their spouse. (Johnson, Todd & Subramanian 2005). Why are police officers at a higher risk to abuse their spouses and on some occasions, their children? There are several theories associated with the domestic violence we see in police families. Some of these theories include isolation, violence exposure, and job-burnout. There are more theories, but these three seem to be the most important and the most prevalent. As a police officer, you work side by side, day after day with men and women who are trained just as you, to do what is best for the community, and for themselves in any given moment. Some officers find that their only friends are fellow police officers, and their families. That is not unusual, but it isolates you from the rest of the world. You are a police officer, your friends are police officers, and you all interact with mainly each other. This can cause a rift between civilians and officers. If you know that officers mainly interact with
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