Police Shooting Has Become A Huge Issue Across The United

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Police shooting has become a huge issue across The United States. Community will usually become outraged if the shooting was committed by a white or black cop who shoots and kills a black subject. Protests seem to follow in areas where the police force is predominantly white and the suspect is black. Regardless of rather or not the officer is right or wrong. This started a huge conflict of rather or not the shooting was done due to racism. These conflicts affect the communities the shootings happen in and can draw national attention like in the police shoot death of Sylville Smith. One resolution that will help to eliminate racism within the police force and stop the misconception that most police shooting happen due to racism, is …show more content…

At this point no immediate details of the shooting death of Smith had been released. No one within the community seemed to support the officer.
The conflict is that Black lives matter, news outlets, and the community of Milwaukee automatically assumed that the shooting death of Smith was due to racism. This sparked several riots and put police lives at risk. Several shootings were brought to national attention that involved a black subject being shot before Smith was shot. One reason for the focus to be mainly on shooting death of black subjects is due to the news only covering stories on shooting deaths of black subjects. Another issue is that the community misconception that officers shoots black subject out of racism. This misconception is due to a long history of racism within the United States. Another huge issue that arises is when a police shooting is investigated and finds that a police shooting is due to racism. Washington State University conducted a study using a high-definition video and attempted to create varies scenarios that an officer would have to choose on rather or not to use deadly force. The officer was given a real gun and simulation rounds. The video can be manipulated at any time to change between the officer using deadly force or non-deadly force. There were several surprising facts that came from this study. Officers took

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