Police Stress : Causes And Risks Of Police Suicides

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with that being said with every police suicide there is a 1,000 more that have posttraumatic stress disorder.
The badge of life started as a group that conducted surveys of police suicides in the United States. They looked into reports of police suicides over a year’s time of active police as well as retire. They receive over 20,000 cases and look for things such as misreported or hidden suicides. This group has come up with several stress management techniques for police officers, including healthy meal choices can help seeing that most police officer meals are fast and on the go meal prep can be essential. Even police officers need days off so taking advantage of days off are essential for performance and mental performance because everyone knows your best choices aren’t from when you’re tired. Having a detailed and planned out schedule, including time set aside for exercise is extremely important.
Unfortunately police stress doesn't just affect police, but people they interact with on a daily basis, such as co-workers, family, friends and the public. Signs of police stress include lack of effort or even lack of attendance and early retirement. A spike in community complaints can be a sign of over aggressiveness as a result of stress. Police stress may start from the bottom, but will eventually find its way into the top ranks because a police officer doesn’t represent their self or just the department but anyone that puts on a uniform just like them.Badge of life feel

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