Police Use Of Force

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only that degree of force that is reasonable and necessary under the totality of the circumstances to safely accomplish a legitimate law enforcement function.”(Phillips, 2017). To ride along with the misconduct of police there are also undoubtedly issues with violence from the public. In 2001, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Institute of Justice, published the book Police Use of Force in America. This book simply restated statistics and other data which was found in the National Police Use of Force Database project which was started in 1995 (US Department of Justice, 2012). The database was made because of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 and stood …show more content…

In order to ensure consistency in reporting of incidents, the International Association of Chiefs of Police defined force as, “that amount of effort required by police to compel compliance from an unwilling subject.” (US Department of Justice, 2012). Excessive force was defined as, “the application of an amount and/or frequency of force greater than that required to compel compliance from a willing or unwilling subject.”(US Department of Justice, 2012). Some organizations have made comments stating that for some members of the public, just the presence of police can be evaluated as a use of force (US Department of Justice, 2012). Some people may also argue that an internal investigation of an officer’s use of force lacks the independence necessary to achieve an unbiased assessment of the level of force used (US Department of Justice, …show more content…

Although they may have more authority over any other ordinary citizen, they are not above the law (General, 1985). Undoubtedly there have been issues in the past of officers believing they are above the law, but it is a very small minority (General, 1985). Oddly enough this minority seems to stick out more than those who have consistently done right (General, 1985). In result there has been a lower expectation of police officers all across the country (General, 1985). There have also been controversial cases that sparked uprisings of protests against our police officers (General, 1985). Some wanting to just get rid of all cops, tighten up their policies and restrictions or even kill them (General, 1985).
To follow the initial importance of all of the aspects of use of force, there are different kinds of use of force (General, 1985). The first of several is constructive authority. Constructive authority doesn’t involve actual physical contact, but simply the use of law enforcement officer’s authority to take control over a suspect (General, 1985).Examples of there are verbal commands, gestures, warnings, and unholstering a weapon (General, 1985). Even pointing a firearm at a subject is an element of constructive authority but is to be used only in appropriate situations (General,

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