Political Environment Of Texas

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SEP ENVIRONMENT AND POLITICAL IDEOLOGY According to Charles Darwin, “ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” In other words, those who are able to adapt to the changing environment and thrive with their given resources will reproduce and carry on their successful traits; those who cannot adapt will die out. This process keeps a species from going extinct. Similarly, this concept can be applied to that of politics. In particular, characteristics of this Darwinian theory can be seen in the political culture in Texas. Because of these characteristics, the economic and political environment of Texas reflects my political ideology. However, the social environment of…show more content…
Texas’s economic environment is based in “economic conservatism,” (Tannahill 30). This means that a majority of Texas citizens are in favor of a small government and “absence of...intrusion in economic choices” (Lilie and Maddox 3). Because Texas is a populous and culturally diverse state, the government does not have enough information to be able to make the best decisions that would benefit most everyone (Tannahill 16;19). Thus, allowing the consumers to control the decisions of the economy via the market is the best choice for our state because producers have to adapt to the needs of the consumers. There are many aspects of Texas’s political culture that are in accordance with my personal viewpoints. One reputable aspect is “Texas’s traditionalistic political culture” which necessitates a demand for low tax rates and thus, results in poorly funded government programs (Tannahill 30;363). Because the government has less money to pay for government funded programs, individuals have to find other ways to help themselves. Thus, this lack of sufficient government programs is an example of the Texas economic environment depicting an aspect of adapting to
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