Political Party Research Paper

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A political party is a partnership of individuals with similar beliefs who collaborate with each other to win elections and gain more control over the government. Political parties challenge each other for political power and for the capability to put their beliefs and policies into implementation (Sparknotes Editors, 2010). The first party, created in 1787, formed because Hamilton and other leaders wanted a strong central government; they called themselves the Federalists. In 1796, anti - Federalists joined together with Jefferson because instead of a strong central government, they believed in a strong national (federal) government (Scholastic Library Publishing, 2007). Since then, about 50 political parties have formed in the United States; …show more content…

” The inspirations behind the meeting came from Alan Philbrook and John Rensenbrink. With the intention of making the Green Party an official political party, 62 activists attended “The Founding Conference of a National Green Politics Organization”, which occurred on August 10 - 12, 1984, in Macalester College, St. Paul, MN (John Rensenbrink, 2017). This conference manly held discussions about forming local “Green groups” and working towards forming a Green political organization, which would also include the formation of an” interim Inter-Regional Committee.” (Wikipedia, …show more content…

The Green Party has ten key values. These values key values represent their basic principles of social justice, environmentalism, and nonviolence, also known as green politics. Members believe that these are the basic fundamentals of creating world peace (Wikipedia, 2017). The ten key values include grassroots democracy, social justice and equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, nonviolence, decentralization, community - based economics and economic justice, feminism and gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, and future focus and responsibility (Dave Blevins, 2006, p.85 - 86). Each of these key values are crucial in better understanding the Green party, what they believe in, and what their goals

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