Political Systems And Its Effect On The World

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In this day in age, Politics have a vast impact on the world we live in. Leadership, on a macro-level, has mantled the world through all of time. These consecutive political systems have developed to become a government. Each government varies throughout each country. Thus, created different forms of government: Autocracy, Monarchy, Socialism, Communism, Theocracy, Plutocracy, and Pluralism. These forms of government are created based of one’s absolute routes, means of production, elimination of inequalities, religious views, wealth, and compromisation. There are seven forms of government but no single group holds dominant power. This act of power classifies each countries government to be democratic or nondemocratic. From the system of beliefs, mostly democracies, subsequently created political parties for public policy. Having a choice in a political system, is a great benefit for an election. The function of the two party system has been the most effective throughout the modern political era.
Political systems vary in many different countries. The connection with a country, develops two different aspects for their people. The fundamental ways of comparing a state implicates the classification of governments being either democratic or nondemocratic. A democracy is where people, in the state, are self governed in a way where they are connected to the input and output range of government. In these terms of Government, Grigsby states that for the input, “people have freedom

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