Political Trends Of The Affordable Care Act

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1. Identify political trends in your area (city, county, or state) that have contributed to or could contribute to a crisis in a particular industry.
Several regulations imposed by governments can have an impact on organizations. Some regulations have more effect on certain types of industries than others. The Affordable Care Act does not necessarily affect a particular industry, but it does have consequences that could potentially affect business owners and their employees. Under this health reform, employers with 50 employees or more are required to pay health insurance for their employees or face a penalty. The Affordable Care Act limits the employer’s options in choosing low-cost insurance plans; this may cause businesses to raise costs and reduce the hours of work and/or the wages paid to their employees.
2. How do political and economic events comingle to create a crisis?
Both political and economic events can trigger a crisis. Political trends and laws are standards that affect the way businesses operate. How a political trend affect business depends on the type of industry that we are looking at; since some legislations are only directed to a certain type of industry. Economic forces can also cause a crisis in an organization. Some factors such as the unemployment rate, interest rate health care costs and others can definitely affect the economic stability of any organization. Top management must consider political and economic trends that affect the specific

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