Politics and Ethics

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Politics is truly one of the greatest developments that mankind has ever had the notion to make. Can you imagine our lives without? I really cannot see our lives operating as smoothly without the existence of politics in one form or another. Almost everything we do in our lives is somehow linked either directly or indirectly to some sort of political ideology. Whether you are buying a candy bar at the store or negotiating international business mergers, politics has had a hand in it. Since politics has being in existence for thousands of years and molds so much of our lives, why is still such a confusing process with so many dissatisfying outcomes? The fact is that politics, to an extent, has to be confusing due to the fact that many …show more content…
Out of the two, ethics is the only real contender that should hold any weight in helping/guiding us in the correct direction. In addition to these two factors, needs and wants also need to be understood in the political world. Like human nature, wants do not really have a place in the political arena. They may provide for what seems like a good idea at the moment, but in all actuality they don't necessarily accomplish many positive outcomes. For these reasons, I feel that is of paramount importance to allow our political ideology to be guided by ethics and needs; for they are truly the only two factors that ensure an overall positive outcome even if they do not present the best looking plan at the beginning.

Political Ends: Common Good or Public Interest

This is an interesting topic since it is closely related to the prior issue of ethics and human nature. When talking about political ends you have to ask yourself what values and purpose you would like to see at the end. Like human nature and ethics, you have to form a political ideology that will effectively separate what you want, and what you need. Once a political ideology has been decided upon, you then have to decide what institution is best suited for the outcome that you desire. For example, if what a person or group really desires is anarchy, then it does not make any sense for them to try to achieve there objective through political institutions.

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