Pollolution : The Solutions Of Pollution On The Earth

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There is an island about in the middle of the ocean halfway between New Zealand and Chile before it was a beautiful island with animals and trees but now it is filled with plastic trash. There is about 3, 500 pieces of plastic trash that gets washed onto its shore every day. Today on the island there are calculations of about 38 million pieces of plastic trash, and it was mainly caused by humans. I wanted to research this topic because the earth is getting less clean and mainly because of the people that live on the earth. So I wanted to research about pollution to see what I can do and others to find out the solutions for pollution, and what people can do to help. I also wanted to research what can cause pollution so in the future, we can make things that can’t harm the earth and people, so the earth can be a better place to live in. Through my paragraph, I want to tell my readers about how dangerous pollution is on the earth and show them that polluting is wrong. I also want to Insure my readers about how pollution can harm the earth and if we don’t treat it then it could be a big problem to the animals and the people. I think that this problem can be solved if everybody helps each other out to clean our earth so it can be a better and safer world. Pollution is very harmful because it is things that can affect the environment or anywhere around the earth. Many humans can cause pollution by dropping things on the floor that can harm the environment or animals that live around that area. Also, natural disasters can cause pollution too because they can sweep trash into places that they are not supposed to be in. Pollution can be a problem because it harms the environment. There is so much trash that can harm the earth. Pollution is also a problem because pollution is taking over animals homes. For example, the animals that live in the sea are losing their homes because of oil spills, also hurricanes because they blow trash in the water. Another example of animals habitat being destroyed is acid rain when the gas and air pollution get in the air it could mix with the clouds and then rain the gas back down which causes acid rain. Acid rain can be a problem for little bodies of water like ponds or lakes

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