Pollution And The World Around Us

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Pollution and The World Around Us Did you know the air we breathe on a daily basis can be harmful to our health? According to a study published in The Journal of Environmental Research Letters, “Air pollution kills more than 2 million people each year” (Bradford). One of the most significant problems the world is facing today is pollution. It has affected many lives of humans and animals, and is still continuing to do so. Pollution can be fixed by people being educated on what it is doing to the lives of many people. Understanding what the sources of pollution are, realizing what illnesses it causes to animals and humans, and coming up with a solution for stopping it at its source will reduce the effects of pollution greatly. According to Webster’s Dictionary, pollution is defined as, “substances that make land, water, and air dirty and not safe or suitable to use” (Merriam-Webster). Two very important types of pollution the world is affected by are air and water pollution. In many countries around the world, air pollution takes the lives of many citizens. There are many different types of air pollution, but the types that can harm people are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and ozone. These can come in either a gaseous or particulate form. Water pollution can harm humans, but it mainly affects the fish and other organisms that live in the bodies of water. Water pollution not only has an affect on oceans, but water anywhere around the world. It can affect
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