Pollution Essay: Don’t Blame Me for Global Warming

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More than 17,000 scientists have signed a petition saying human activities do not threaten to disrupt the climate. This overwhelming amount of people has been told to be wrong by one body of people. This body is our government, for many years now they have spoke of the horrendous situations stemming from global warming. This makes no sense; with the facts and information that we have received over the years they still support this preposterous idea. Humans do nothing to contribute to global warming; the irregular climate events are just natural occurrences. These occurrences are no stranger to our history either. (“Global Warm Up”)(“An Inconvenient Truth”)
The most recent case of significant warming was between the years 1850 and 1940. …show more content…

It’s natural say experts”)
Africa is used as a lead example by most supporters of global warming and what we as humans are doing to our climate. But in all reality, the facts point to a vastly different Africa from what we know of it now. Africa 1000 years ago was a drier place then it is now. This is an exact opposite of what supporters for global warming say right now. Global warming supporters say that our actions contribute to the greenhouse effect, leading to the rise in temperatures. These rises in temperatures are draining Africa’s lakes and mountain tops of liquid. This is not true; Africa was significantly drier 1000 years ago during MWP. Right now you may be asking what greenhouse gasses are, let me explain. (“Medieval Warm Period”)(“Global warming? It’s natural say experts”)(“Global warming: A natural cycle or human result?”)
Greenhouse gasses are the gasses created by humans; these gasses supposedly reduce the protection from powerful sun rays. Without the protection from these rays, the temperatures rise. There are many problems with the idea of the greenhouse effect. One major one being that greenhouse gasses are needed to sustain a habitable world. If we did not have greenhouse gasses, we would not be able to sustain life. For example the moon has no source of greenhouse gas. Because of this, the moon’s temperature fluctuates, not allowing life to form. You might be saying, only some will be okay. Not so fast! (“Global

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