Polygamy System Of Lacois Langur

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The Francois’ Langur is the leaf monkey species of mammal animal. As the other leaf monkey, Francois’ Langur is the social animal which creates their group and interact with others. However, they create their group with polygamy system. The just one male is in the each group and approximately 6-10 females are his partner and the member of the group. This system creates the unique group behavior for the female monkey. They raise their babies together without the boundary of mother. Female Francois langurs apply the ‘Aunting’ system in their group. One Female Langur commonly breeds a baby in one year. When they get pregnant, female can only have one or two cubs and take a long time for pregnancy period. It is more than 180 to 210 days. Also, compared to the adult monkeys, the baby monkey has not only difference of their body size, but also different color of fur. They are covered with orange-brown colors on all of the body. Originally, these monkeys are covered with black fur and only white fur strip on their both cheeks. Francois Langurs have and live with very long tails in their nature habitat. Using the tail, they are able to move and stay in their habitat, in trees. However, the baby monkey’s tail is very short and not useable. Thus, the baby monkey essentially needs the aid by their mother and other adults in their group for surviving in nature. And for that, I think they have different colors of fur to be easily classified. As I observed in my observation, the baby

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