Pompei Interview Essay

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Pompeii Interview
Zara: Welcome to the Zariana Show! Today we have three special guests and all of these guests have survived one of the most deadly eruptions in all of history. All three guests are from the natural disaster which killed roughly 2000 citizens in the city of Pompeii. These people survived this eruption. Here is Marciana, Abigail, and Gabriella. Let’s get right into it. My first question is for Marciana. What was it like for you to breathe in that horrid air from Mount Vesuvius?

Riley: It was completely awful. That awful smoke has damaged my voice terribly and that is why I speak this way. I grabbed my brother’s hand I tried to hold my breath but I passed out from all of the fatal gasses. My best friend Blake carried me to
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When I visited Pompeii last year my heart completely stopped for a few seconds. I was so shocked at what it had become since the last time I saw it. There were dead people and pets laying on the ground. There bones covered in hardened mud. You could barely recognize that they were even humans because there was so much mud on top of them. I hope to never visit Pompeii again because it brought back some horrible memories which I will never forget.

Zara: That must have been devastating to see your old home not even standing anymore. My next question is for Gabriella. It is, what did the city of Pompeii look like before it was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius? Do you ever wish that Pompeii still existed and that you could be living in Pompeii right now?

Katie: Pompeii was absolutely beautiful. The houses were the most beautiful houses you could possibly imagine. They were big and had lots of room inside. There were stores at every corner and there were many trees which I thought was one of the most beautiful parts of Pompeii. I wish that it still existed now but unfortunately it does not. It would be my dream to be living in Pompeii right now. I miss Pompeii greatly but I have learned on how to adapt to other
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