Pop Pop Story

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This story takes place over the course of a year in Pennsylvania. “My dad has always had a hard time keeping a job, getting laid off and then quitting to take care a me and my sister. He had become depressed after not finding a job for eight months. When he finally found a job across the country, soon getting home became a race against life and death.” This is the story of my dad and my pop pop.

I will start where it began, the morning my dad left, it was a chilly September morning and you could smell the season of fall in the air the day he left. I woke up that morning knowing my dad was gone and i wouldn’t get to see him till Christmas Eve. That was probably one of the worst days I’ve ever had. I was depressed. To make everyone’s day even worse my Pop pop had been admitted to the hospital for severe headaches. Which later that week he received a brain scan for.
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He had multiple brain tumors and they were cancerous, he had stage 4 neuroblastoma, that’s what i think he had they never told me what he had. The only thing my mom could cry through her tears where, “Pop Pop is sick.” I knew what she meant though. The only reason my mom was so shaken was because her mom was also battling a form of cancer. My house was so quiet for the next few days you could hear a pin drop. My dad was flustered because he was so disconnected from his family. He couldn’t come back till Christmas, and that's in three
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