Pope Francis Influence On Religion

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Pope Francis was influenced by the Theology of Liberation, by Gustavo Gutierrez, in his upbringing as a priest and that has inspired him to implement those ideas in his reign as a pope in becoming a more relatable figure of the Catholic Church for both Catholics and non-Catholics.

Liberation Theology was a movement started in Latin America by a Peruvian Priest named Gustavo Gutierrez, which supported the idea of interpreting the canon law of the Catholic Church for the perspective of the poor. This, however, went against the top-down hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church. It was seen as a western “grass-roots” movement to change the Church’s way of functioning and was generally ignored. Pope Francis, however, was influenced by the
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The media loves this because they now have positive things to say about the Pope and Catholic Church that has been riddled with controversy after controversy beginning with the Vatican Leaks scandal. The media portrays him in a very positive light due to his liberal stances on controversial topics. However, they do not hesitate to point out that he is still indeed the Pope and the head of the Catholic Church and that no matter how cool he may come off, he still is in charge of a strict and regulated religious institution. In an article by Vox regarding the Pope's stance on Global warming, it was mentioned that he was “deeply critical of both our technological mindset and modernity's utilitarian propensities.” This means that even though he supports technology, he does not trust the way that people implement it into their daily lives. In another article by Vice, they write that while the pope may have a twitter, he has not watched television in 25 years. The media will show the pope in a positive light saying that he is at least trying to connect with the youth, as they are our future, but the media also tells us that we are not to be fooled. The Pope is still the head of the Catholic Church and will maintain to preach Catholic teachings; the only difference is that he is endorsing a more liberal approach to running the Catholic

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