Essay on Popular Theories of the Origns of Life on Earth

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Life began in the Ocean
The Big Bang theory is currently the most prevailing theory that explains the formation of Earth roughly 13 billion years ago. Substantial scientific research and theories are in agreement that when Earth was born, conditions on Earth was harsh. Due to nuclear fusion, Earth was very hot. One theory suggest that the heat of Earth evaporates the water which forms clouds and subsequently leads to rain. As Earth cooled, gravity traps the water collected and oceans started to form. Another theory suggested that oceans were formed by comet containing frozen H2O colliding with Earth. Coupled with intense tectonic activity cause by volcanic eruptions, constant bombardment by meteorite and the absence of a protective ozone
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This theory’s idea is similar to the population policy used by the Singapore government. The fastest way to increase a country’s population is through migration as opposed to the reproduction of life by the citizens itself. One key breakthrough of this theory was a study in year 2000 that concluded from a rock from Mars found on Earth. The discovery of the rock is evident that the rock from Mars was able to survive through the journey from Mars to Earth and migration of life seems plausible. The ability of Tardigrades (Figure 1), more commonly known as “water bears”, to survive through space travel despite being exposed to radiations and being deprived of oxygen further supports this theory. Figure 1 Tardigrades
The deep-sea vent theory suggests that life began at these underwater volcanoes spewing key hydrogen-rich molecules. Wachtershauser, an honorary professor of evolutionary biochemistry at the University of Regensburg in Germany proposed that early Earth oceans and intensive volcanic activities is the perfect environment for the origin of life. Hydrogen sulfide is the food source for bacteria and instrumental in the “prebiotic” build-up of peptides. Protein molecules that is vital to biological functions are made up of hundreds of amino acids. Shorter amino acid chains are called peptides. The Miller-Urey experiment generates electric sparks in a mixture of gases thought to resemble early Earth’s atmosphere successfully
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