Pornography Should NOT Be Censored

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Introduction For the past 30 years, pornography has been a subject that has divided many North Americans as the topic became increasingly controversial with time. The subject makes for a very significant ethical issue mainly because it’s an issue that has the capability of altering our freedom of expression and because it’s a topic that invokes many conflicting values and competing ideas of right and wrong. Furthermore, pornography is also a major ethical issue because many of those that are against feel as though it infringes on societies’ morals as many believe that “viewing even mildly explicit pornography leads to an interest in increasingly deviant material” (McNaught and Renneboog). That said, this essay will illustrate why…show more content…
Argument 2: Pornography Has Its Medical and Social Benefits The Meese Report is a legal document that was released July 9th, 1986. It was intended to promote a higher level of restriction towards obscenity laws and to expand on definitions of obscenity (“The Meese Commission on Pornography”) in order to “encourage the abolition of sexually explicit materials” (“The Meese Commission on Pornography”). Even that document acknowledged several areas where the uses of sexually explicit materials have been put towards positive purposes (Strossen 163). For example, “the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and the diagnosis and treatment of some paraphilias”, or in other words, the addiction of strange sex practices (Strossen 163). Furthermore, many experts, namely doctors, have strong faith in the notion that it can “improve the sex lives of many couples” (Strossen 163). Evidence of this is through Patti Britton, Ph.D., a board-certified clinical sexologist who states “[…] it is common knowledge in my field that sexually explicit films and videos are often recommended as a mode of treatment for couples or individuals with clinical sexual problems” (Strossen 163). Not to mention that even individuals with no significant sexual problems can easily benefit from pornography to also “spice up” their sex lives. As a result, many doctors have stated that explicit materials add strength to many relationships, consequently solidifying them (Strossen 164). As

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